Gabriel Kapellmann Zafra

Hello & welcome to my page!

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Professional Life

I have always been involved in science and engineering. I have explored many areas, form optics and lasers to robotics, swarm initelligence and immersive technologies.


Dancing Life

The first style I properly learned to dance was "Argentine Tango". It has always been my favorite, and the one I also teach. 


DJ Life (Husbeat)

Being a DJ has been a dream for a long time. Lately, it has become some kind of a semi-hobby and a semi-second profession, as I've been lucky enough to find some jobs from time to time. 



Usually, I like spending my free time with one of four activities, but I am always happy to explore new ones!

General Me

I was born in Mexico City, one of the biggest cities in the world. I have always been atracted to music, either as a dancer or as a DJ. I used to be very active at sports, as I did some Rowing and Capoeira, but I have become a bit passive during the last years. I am strongly planning to change that though!
Since I have memory, I have always been intrigued by technology. This explais perfectly well why I dedicated my life to studing engineering and how I ended up now working with Robotics and Virtual systems.
Thank you for your time and interest! Let me know what can I do for you!

Currently I’m living in Trondheim, Norway.

Basically, my life is divided in three main activities: Profesion, Dancing and DJing…


Some important recent updates
  • ImageGot a Job!
    (01/11/2017) I started working as a Research Assosiate at the University of Sheffield, in Physics department.
  • ImagePhD Completed
    (20/02/2018) Finally, I got my degree as a Dr. in Automatic Control & Systems Engineering
  • ImageGot a Job!
    (01/02/2020) I moved to Trondheim, Norway and started working as a Mixed Reality Developer at BreachVR.


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