We all have a geek in us, and my hobbies describe very well what kind of geek I am:

1.- World of Tanks – A PC online videogame that (as the name describes) simulates battles inside tanks from the second work war. This game takes most of my time that is dedicated to videogames. However, due to my current job, I have also been exploring multiple VR games which have proven to be very entertaining! Games like Beat Saber, Half Life: Alyx, Iron Wolf, etc...

2.- Movies – Artistic movies are not my thing, I love all kind of sci-fi, horror and adventure movies. Also kids movies can entertain me very well. Between the movie titles that I can think of now I can mention Wally, Moana, Cars, I Robot, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Paranormal Activity, Venom, Avengers Endgame, etc.

3.- Friends & a Pint – It is very rare for me to say “No” to an oportunity of hanging out with friends, go for a drink is always something that I will welcome.

4.- Puzzles - I can spend hours in front of a puzzle, the more complex, the better!

I am sure that there is always time to discover new hobbies!