Dance Life



At the beginning of my life, I wasn’t much of a dancing person. My first approach to dancing was when I was already 19, and I tried a Cumbia class for one semester at me home university. Later on, some parties and events where the casual Salsa was tough to me by friends and family. Those styles, despite been fun! Were not enough for me, I needed something different but never tryed to search for it. Nothing became real until the year of 2010 when I decided to try Argentinian Tango. A lot of people have asked me why this as my first formal dance, and my answer is always the same: “I don’t know”. Not much of an answer to be honest, and yet, is the truth! I started learning the art of Tango around July 2010. My first and original tango teacher was (and still is!) Keren Sisay, and her mom Esther Soler. In 2012, Keren and I created the CUrITa (Compania Urbana Itinerante de Tango) Group in Mexico, which I brought to England in 2013. In 2014 I got introduced and seduced by Kizomba style. My first teacher was Antonio Filipe which still teaches at Sheffield. Since then I have been exploring other styles, like Bachata and Brazilian Zouk. Currently I am part of the teaching team at Northern Light Dance group in Trondheim, and establishing CUrITa as an Argentinian Tango group too.