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We all have a geek in us, and my hobbies describe very well what kind of geek I am: World of Tanks – A PC online videogame that (as the name describes) simulates battles inside tanks from the second work war. This game takes most of my time that is dedicated to videogames, but I also like Playstation games like Call of Duty and Assasins Creed. Movies – The artistic side of the cinema is definitely not for me, I love all kind of sci-fi, horror and adventure movies. Also kids movies can entertain me very well. Between the movie titles that I can think of now I can mention Walle, Moana, Cars, I Robot, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Paranormal Activity, etc. Friends & Pints – It is very rare for me to say “No” to an invitation for a good Pint in a nice Pub.

I really enjoy horror movies, but the more I see, the harder it is to find better ones. Also, I can spend hours in front of a puzzle, usually the more peaces, the better! As almost everyone, I also like videogames, mainly the one I play the most is "World of Tanks". And finally, who can say no to a good drink with good company?