Gabriel Kapellmann Zafra

Hello & welcome to my page!

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Professional Life

I have always been involved in science and engineering. I have explored many areas, form optics and lasers to robotics, swarm initelligence and immersive technologies.


Dancing Life

The first style I properly learned to dance was "Argentine Tango". It has always been my favorite, and the one I also teach. 


DJ Life (Husbeat)

Being a DJ has been a dream for a long time. Lately, it has become some kind of a semi-hobby and a semi-second profession, as I've been lucky enough to find some jobs from time to time. 



Usually, I like spending my free time with one of four activities, but I am always happy to explore new ones!

General Me

I was born in Mexico City, one of the biggest cities in the world. During my first 25 years of life I was very active in sports. At the beginning I tried (as most of us do) with football, however I wasn’t that successful so I decided to move on. Then I tried basketball, tennis and swimming. In the end I found myself stuck for 8 years in rowing. I even became part for two years of the youth national team. Later on, in university took too much time and I migrated for other two years to Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that simulates dancing and fighting. I also learned for 7 years to play the guitar. After I got more interested in electronic music and started learning on my own how to mix and to use the turntables.
Currently I’m living in Sheffield, England.

Basically, my life is divided in three main activities: My research, Dancing and DJing…


Some important recent updates
  • ImageGot a Job!
    (01/11/2017) I started working as a Research Assosiate at the University of Sheffield, in Physics department.
  • ImagePhD Completed
    (20/02/2018) Finally, I got my degree as a Dr. in Automatic Control & Systems Engineering


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